Exclusive: Life On The Sideline EP announcement, music video premiere

Since releasing Honesty Is A Dying Breed two years ago, Life On The Sideline has remained active on the road and is now ready to unveil its upcoming EP, Never Settle. To kick things off, we're premiering the music video for the band's new single, "Echo", which tells the sad story of a young girl reminiscing times spent with her deceased partner. While not a pop punk song per se, it's as catchy as one with an infectious chorus that you'll inevitably get stuck in your head. The band's sound could be compared to that of Transit's and The Early November's. Fans can pre-order the EP on iTunes and CD here, before it's released on June 7th. […]

Friday, January 15, 2010

Legend Has It - No More Games EP

Legend Has It - No More Games EP

01 - Intro
02 - Ain't No Show Joe!
03 - Chapstick, Cellphone, Change, Keys
04 - 3 People Can Keep A Secret, If 2 Are Dead
05 - You're Soooo 2008
06 - The Movie Scene

Found these guys a while ago, but forgot about them. Someone suggested I check them out and I noticed they were giving away their EP for free. From Maine, USA. Go to their Myspace, show them some love. If you have extra money support them.