Exclusive: Lawskof - "Suck It Forever" EP Preview

Most current pop punk bands are pretty light on the punk, and then there's Lawskof. Sporting a sound that's reminiscent of Rufio and A Wilhelm Scream, the band continues to venture into a niche that's noticeably underpopulated right now, with its upcoming EP, Suck It Forever. Today, we're giving you a taste of what's to come with two brand new singles, "Victory […]

Exclusive: Threads - "Fall Apart" Single Stream

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Exclusive: Shirts Vs. Skins - "Phantoms" Single Stream

On the heels of releasing its debut LP, Hold Nothing Dear, just over a year ago, Shirts Vs. Skins is already preparing to drop its new 12-song album, titled The Things We Leave Behind, on November 11th. To celebrate the occasion, we're premiering the band's new single, "Phantoms".

Exclusive: The Offseason - "I'll Never Leave" Music Video Premiere

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Interview: Veara on member changes, touring, and next album

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Exclusive: Me Vs Hero Interview

Me Vs Hero are one of the most renowned Pop Punk/Easycore bands out of England at the moment, mostly due to the amount of time these guys have been in the game for. For my 10th interview, here's one I recently conducted with the band's new drummer, Stephen, where we talked about the band's past, present, and future. The band will also be shooting a new music video very soon.

For the record, can you state your name and role in the band?

Stephen: I'm Stephen and I play drums.

You guys recently announced that you've started writing your second full-length album - what can you tell us about this so far? How many songs have you been working on?

Stephen: I think there are a few pretty cool ideas floating around at the moment, we're just fleshing them out now and they're starting to turn into songs. It's all a bit faster, a bit heavier... and even better, we hope!

Do you have a working title for it, yet? Can we expect something similar to your previous releases?

Stephen: No serious titles as yet, it's still early days as I only just joined the band and we're all getting fully used to each others styles of playing. Things have changed and we're trying to make that a good thing! I think it'll still sound like MvH but new and improved!

You've also been touring quite a bit lately around the UK - will you be taking a break to record or are you still purely in the writing stages?

Stephen: I think we'll write and demo a lot first, make sure we're totally happy with it and making the best record we can, so it won't be a rush job. We have Sonisphere and Hevy, and Boardmasters in Summer, so a lot of huge awesome festivals but probably mostly writing so we can get the record completed.

How did you decide which, if any, songs would be re-recorded for your previous album, Days That Shape Our Lives? It seems like it's been something progressive, since 2 of the songs have appeared on all 3 of your releases and the title track was originally an acoustic rendition on the remastered/tribute EP, This One's For Our Friend.

Stephen: I think a lot of people hadn't heard the EP in the bigger, wider scene, so the best songs were picked at the time and recorded to a much better standard. Some of the songs are the same but you can hear that there are quite a lot of adjustments and refinements.

When I first heard the news about your former guitarist, Alex, passing away I was completely shocked. Aside from the obviously devastating hardship, how did this impact you as individuals and as a band? In the end, how did you decide you would continue with the band?

Stephen: I wasn't actually in the band at the time, so from an outside perspective I remember hearing the news through the online music press and it was awful. I can't even imagine how the guys felt. He was their best friend and such a big part of every aspect of the band. I think the decision to carry on in a lot of ways was to pay tribute to Alex. I'm sure it's what he would have wanted. Having heard so many cool stories from the dudes in the band I wish I'd had the chance to meet him.

You recently joined the band, as of a few months ago. Tell us about your yourself, Stephen - were you originally a fill-in drummer for Oli? How did you meet him?

Stephen: Basically Oli had made the decision to leave the band and let the other guys know that, so they had time before the previous tour to this one - the headline tour I mean - to find a replacement. Sam knew my flatmate Sean, and Sean is pretty clued into the scene so he asked did he know anybody suitable. My previous band had split up and I was dying to get back on the road. Good timing I guess!

Over time, we've come across a number of Pop Punk/Easycore bands on the blog from the UK, and I know you guys are friends with bands like Save Your Breath and All Or Nothing - beyond that, what's the scene like up there?

Stephen: It's thriving at the moment, big time. We just did our last tour and took Summerlin out to support us who are incredible, and just the best guys. Um, also Decade from Bath down near Bristol are ones to watch. I love those guys. They just shot a video for their first single actually, check it out online. It's so awesome.

In the past, you guys have appeared in British music channels/magazines, such as Scuzz and Kerrang! - what has this meant for you personally?

Stephen: When I joined the band and had read mags they'd been in and had seen them on TV it made it a little daunting to me. But how cool! It's always nice to have exposure!

Do you have any plans to tour overseas? Where would you like to visit?

Stephen: We would love to get in to Europe when the new record is done. Probably the States and maybe Japan or China too. I know we get a lot of communication from fans in Indonesia and Malaysia too so that would be awesome.

Last year you guys shot a video for Can You Count, Suckers? - tell us about how the idea behind the video came about.

Stephen: The video was actually filmed in the grounds of Sam's Dad's house, and it's a party with all of our friends! You can see Ross' sister doing a good acting job in there. She's one of the girls that pushes the guys over!

Do you have any recommendations you'd like to make to your fans? Doesn't even have to be musical, go crazy.

Stephen: I always say get up earlier, you'll enjoy the day more. Even if you're hungover, getting up helps! Listen to your mum, she's always right. And if you're in Margate, don't get the coconut curry.

We really appreciate you doing this, is there anything else you'd like to add?

Thanks to you too, our pleasure! Just keep supporting us, come to the shows, buy a t-shirt, and point us in the direction of the local Nando's. We need to fill those loyalty cards.