Exclusive: The Offseason - "I'll Never Leave" Music Video Premiere

We've got a special Halloween treat for our readers in the form of The Offseason's music video for a new single called "I'll Never Leave". Directed by Erik Rojas and Matt Ciampa, the video sees its protagonist being literally haunted by a Jack Skellington look-alike that… never leaves. Earlier this month, along with the release of the first new single since May […]

Interview: Veara on member changes, touring, and next album

If you're in tune with Veara on its social media pages, you would've noticed that the band is back at full speed with big plans for the future, having already started working on its third album. Following the release of its sophomore LP, Growing Up Is Killing Me, on Epitaph Records and some brief downtime, Veara is undergoing a revamp of sorts. The band's lead vocalist […]

Exclusive: Wickerwolves - "Snake" Single Stream

For years, the Midwest has been renowned for its talented emo acts, with bands actively aspiring to create something similar in today's scene. Embracing the '80s post-hardcore-driven sound, Indiana's Wickerwolves (featuring Grey Gordon) is gearing up to release a split with Fossil Youth on September 16th through Take This To Heart Records. Today, we're premiering […]

Exclusive: Landscapes & Skylines - "Departure" EP Stream

If you can picture a sonic blend of Balance And Composure and Touché Amoré, the result may be similar to Landscapes And Skylines' upcoming EP. Produced by Kennedy Studios in Boston, MA, Departure marks the NYC quintet's first official EP, landing them where they want to be. The effort will be released on Tuesday as a free download through the recently […]

Exclusive: Guts - "House Of Cards" Single Stream

Following a brief break, Guts recently announced the release of its second EP, titled Matches Malone, on Don't Leave California Records. To celebrate the occasion, we're premiering a new single called "House Of Cards", where the band continues to output material influenced by '90s seminal pop punk acts, to the tune of MxPx, with a modern spin. If you […]

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - "Something For Nothing" Re-Release (July 19th, Fearless Records)

Earlier in the year, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! signed with Fearless Records and promised a re-release of their debut full-length, Something For Nothing. The record will include new mixes of the original tracks, minus MILF and Alex Kidd In Miracle World. The band has now also released a free download of the re-release version of Captain Blood, via PureVolume. The re-release will be available on iTunes on the 19th of July. The. Click the Read More… link to view the artwork and tracklist.

1. Born For Adversity
2. In Friends We Trust
3. Captain Blood
4. Positiv-O
5. Time's Up
6. Sink Or Swim (S.O.S.)
7. We Fell Fast
8. Summer Heat
9. Make Them Believe
10. Life
11. For All We Know
12. XoXo