Exclusive: Life On The Sideline EP announcement, music video premiere

Since releasing Honesty Is A Dying Breed two years ago, Life On The Sideline has remained active on the road and is now ready to unveil its upcoming EP, Never Settle. To kick things off, we're premiering the music video for the band's new single, "Echo", which tells the sad story of a young girl reminiscing times spent with her deceased partner. While not a pop punk song per se, it's as catchy as one with an infectious chorus that you'll inevitably get stuck in your head. The band's sound could be compared to that of Transit's and The Early November's. Fans can pre-order the EP on iTunes and CD here, before it's released on June 7th. […]

Monday, November 5, 2012

Exclusive: Neck Deep - "Rain In July" EP Track-By-Track

Some bands make outstanding music and others write whole-hearted lyrics, but some do both. Renowned for their sounds and lyrics (see Tumblr), we decided to give you a closer look at Neck Deep's EP by sharing the motivation behind the songs and what they stand for. Below you'll find our track-by-track guide, which was written by vocalist Ben Barlow, along with the lyrics and EP stream. Pre-orders for the 12" vinyl copies of the EP are also now live here. Click the Read More… link to read the track-by-track.

Kick It

This hole is getting deeper by the day,
Digging for the words to say,
So I can put things in perspective.
Somewhere along the line I lost my way,
Everything gets torn and frayed,
You can put me in my place but I’ll never know where I stand.

I’ll never know where I stand.

And in the end we’re all just learning curves, and trampled nerves with a purpose to serve,
But you’ll never get what I meant when I said,
“You were mine to adore, I was yours to regret”.

Silver Lining

Can you see what I have become,
I’ve grown so cold I’m getting numb down to the bone,
Because being real never worked out for me.
Playing these games is such a waste of time,
Somewhere down the line we’ll just do this again
I wish you could take me or leave me as I am.

Drown your sorrow in this bottle,
It’s full of the things I’ll never say to you.

What you felt was placebo,
Those stories that we wrote are nothing more than ghosts of time we spent,
And you know that I know,
As long as the wind blows,
I’ll always be here searching for a silver lining in this.

"Get off my back" she said to me,
Well get off my chest, you should’ve seen yourself,
A few drinks and you miss me,
I told you not to kiss me, but you still did.
And now you pull me under,
Fuck with my head and steal my thunder,
How typical and it’s no wonder,
I’m stupid enough to think there was something left.

You always want what you can’t get,
I always want what I’ll regret,
Try walk a day in my shoes,
You’ll know exactly how I feel.
I can’t get you out of my head,
But I can’t get out of my own bed,
Done letting this weigh me down,
I guess I’ll see you around.

I’ll look on the bright side.

Ben: Silver Lining is about a situation I found myself in round about the time of writing it. It’s difficult to explain the situation fully but the girl in topic was one I had a lot of history with and never fully got over, first love shit. Anyway, we went out one night because we were getting pretty close as friends and we had a few drinks. One thing led to another and suddenly she wants me again, we spent the night together and woke up the next morning pretty cool with it all, like nothing happened. But it fucked with my head so I wrote a song about it. ""Get off my back" she said to me, well get off my chest, you should’ve seen yourself, a few drinks and you miss me, I told you not to kiss me, but you still did". Those lines kind of sum it up, as well as the hook “drown your sorrow in this bottle, it’s full of the things I’ll never say to you” refers to all the things we spoke about when we were drunk, and how all the things we could never say to each other sober came out.

What Did You Expect?

6 months have been and I’m still sick of everything that makes you smile,
I’ve been here before, I’m just hoping this will die down,
But I’ve learnt from experience, that love is a risk and I’m just hoping your hearing this,
So maybe you’ll know just how it feels to be sitting here,
Wide-awake and far from dreaming.

Don’t tell me that I’ll be fine.

My broken bones are caving in,
I feel you crawl beneath my skin,
You went and fucked this up ‘cuz you couldn’t keep your legs shut.

And you’ll find me burning bridges,
Searching for some sense of distance,
Tearing out post trauma stitches that held me together.
So far gone, my mind is racing,
Back and forth I can’t stop pacing,
Thinking where we could have been if you just braved the weather.

Fuck his car and fuck his money,
He might pay for you but he’s got nothing,
I wont be in sight when you realise that I might just have been a more stable support,
To the life that you’ll build when he cuts himself short.

Don’t tell me that I’ll be fine,
I’m so sick of hoping you’re right.

Take all I am,
Tear me into pieces,
Deconstruct my bones and tell me you still don’t know who I am.
You’ve got some nerve thinking we could be friends,
Well what did you expect? A fucking compliment?

So take what’s left of me,
A broken fragment from before,
I guess I’ll try to be the best I can without you here,
I know I’ll find myself along this beaten track,
I’ll have to let you go and let these ghosts stay in the past,

I guess I’ll be fine.

Ben: What Did You Expect? is fairly obvious. It’s about getting cheated on. I was crazy about this girl, I’d probably never been more comfortable in a relationship and it could have lasted a lot longer, but she “went and fucked this up cause she couldn’t keep her legs shut”. There’s a few digs here and there about her ex who she cheated on me with, just generally pretty bitter about the whole thing. But that’s why it’s called what did you expect? I’m in a Pop Punk band and you cheated on me? C’mon, I’m obviously going to write a song about it haha.

Over And Over

Have you noticed me lately?
I know I’ve been vaguely twisting my words,
To protect myself from failure,
It’s just part of my nature to hide in my shell.
I’m so sick of rain in July,
And the fact that I’ll never get there on time.

If I could show you a sign,
And it fell straight from the sky,
Could you just see the best in me?
Or find the flaws you detest in me?

I always pictured myself as being someone you’d miss,
Somewhere along the line,
And I hope that you might think that I was,
Some sort of exception to your plans and your direction,
But I realized quite soon that who I am bares no reflection to the part of me you held so high.

I’ll kick the cans aside and dig in to my pockets,
Walk home another night,
And think this one over,
All over and over again.
I’ll just bide my time,
Sink into my thoughts to get away from here,
8 weeks to take that drive,
And think this one over,
All over and over.

I always pictured myself as being someone you’d miss,
Somewhere along the line,
And I hope that you might think that I was,
Some sort of exception to your plans and your direction,
But I realized quite soon that who I am bares no reflection to the
Memories that fade, I can stand till my legs break
But you could smile and I fall down, walk away and shut me out
When I can’t think of shit to say, I pull it out from in my brain
I always had a way with words but they just don’t make sense to her

Cross my heart and hope for better days ahead,
Get out of this weather,
I’m not getting over it, just getting used to this,
Over and over and over and over.

But I’m just a know it all and she just hates to be wrong
We’ll laugh and fight until someone goes along and fucks this whole thing up again
But I’ll enjoy the time we spent,
Playing with each others' heads,

Under the premise that we’re still friends.

Ben: Over And Over is a weird one. It’s about how I was constantly to and from wanting the girl, and telling myself to leave it. It’s really just about what I was thinking at the time, it was my own head fucking with me so it’s kind of about the indecisiveness at the time and just not knowing what to think or do, just running it through my head over and over.

A Part Of Me (Feat. Laura Whiteside)

I’ll paint you a picture with words,
“I miss her.”
We still talk like everyday,
But we don’t talk in the same way that we used to,
I’ll move on and forget you,
We could never see eye to eye,
But either way.

I like her ‘cuz she’s smart, headstrong and independent,
She puts me in my place, but I don’t know where I stand,
And if only I could find the words, or muster up the nerve to tell her
I’ll never forget her
And she’ll always have a part of me.

Don’t let me go down this road again,
We both know where this ends,
In a storm of feeling, I’m so unappealing
I can’t play these games

I was falling for a girl who would ask me to come over
Just for a day, when her parents were away,
Now all I can do is lay in my room,
Fall asleep, dream of you,
Then wake up and do nothing about it

I fell for a boy who could never ever let me walk home that way,
‘cause you gotta be safe,
So hold back your views,
We’re both leaving soon,
I can’t fall back on you,
‘cause that’s not what I do.

She hates it when I shout these words,
But I’ll still sing for you.

Ben: A Part Of Me is just a typical sort of love song. It was kind of the last one I wrote before me and "the girl" parted ways and moved away to different unis. We’d stopped talking at this point, and I guess I didn’t want to write a "fuck you" kind of song before we left and never spoke again. It speaks for itself, I think it’s probably one of the most relatable tracks on the EP, I don’t know if she’s heard it but either way, it’s kind of like the last song I’ll write for her, out of many in the past. The line “she hates it when I shout these words but I’ll still sing for you” just comes from the fact she never really liked my band or any of the music I listened to, but she’d always ask me to sing and play guitar for her when we were together, so yeah.

I Couldn't Wait To Leave 6 Months Ago

From up here this town don’t look so bad,
I’m looking down at this place I hate and at least for a second it seems okay,
But I’m not getting over it,
Getting used to it,
It’s been so long since everything seemed to fit,
And it’s not a case of being scared or undeserving,
I’m just questioning the purpose of leaving what I thought was pulling me down.

But I’ll bite my tongue and grit my teeth.

I’ll leave my heart where I leave my home,
I never thought that I’d be on my own,
I never knew that I had this in me,
I kinda think it came all too quickly.

But I know that growing up’s a part of growing up,
So I guess I’ll just face the facts and throw my bags up on this broken back.
I’ll learn from my mistakes and find a place where I can breath.
Somewhere that I can breath.

I’ll miss the smell of the rain on my road,
The dirty streets of the town I call home,
My friends that kept me from feeling alone,
And the broken promises you made that forced me to grow.
And I’ll miss the paths I’ve walked a thousand times,
The mistakes that I made, the lessons learned from the nights that I spent with my friends in this town I resent,
All ‘cuz this is the last of time that I’ll spend around here.

Ben: I Couldn’t Wait To Leave 6 Months Ago is probably my favourite off the EP. It’s all about leaving home to go away to university and not necessarily being ‘scared or undeserving’ but just thinking it might not be right for you. For years and years I hated where I grew up, and couldn’t wait to leave, but as soon as it all became a reality it just kind of freaked me out, having to "grow up" and live on my own and just generally man up and take charge of my life. I still don’t really like where I grew up, but I think that’s its charm, every time I come back it’s just so familiar. It took moving away for me to realize being back home with my friends and family, that it’s the place I’m most comfortable, so leaving was tough, and that’s what 6 months is about.

All Hype, No Heart

All hype, no heart,
Brain dead as fuck without a clue,
You just follow those around you,
I got no respect for the way you dress; you just do this for effect.
I’ve never changed,
We might look the same but you’re everything I hate,
You have no idea just how I got here,
And no matter what you do you’re just a fake.

You’ll never understand just what this is,
Or what this is about,
You’ll never fit in with me or my friends,
So go fuck yourself.

Ben: All Hype, No Heart is about those guys, the ones that ruin anything good by joining in and making it about something it isn’t and do everything purely for their own image, without actually having a clue what any of it is about. That’s why it’s called All Hype, No Heart, because there’s no heart in anything these guys do, it’s just for hype, image and attention.