Exclusive: Life On The Sideline EP announcement, music video premiere

Since releasing Honesty Is A Dying Breed two years ago, Life On The Sideline has remained active on the road and is now ready to unveil its upcoming EP, Never Settle. To kick things off, we're premiering the music video for the band's new single, "Echo", which tells the sad story of a young girl reminiscing times spent with her deceased partner. While not a pop punk song per se, it's as catchy as one with an infectious chorus that you'll inevitably get stuck in your head. The band's sound could be compared to that of Transit's and The Early November's. Fans can pre-order the EP on iTunes and CD here, before it's released on June 7th. […]

Friday, February 7, 2014

Set Your Goals to Re-Issue "Reset" EP on Vinyl

Set Your Goals' co-frontman, Matt Wilson, is launching a new label named Calaveras Records, which will be re-issuing the band's Reset EP on 10" vinyl for its ten-year anniversary. You can help fund the project on Kickstarter. The Click the Read More… link to read the statement.

My name is Matt Wilson, and I sing for a band called Set Your Goals. A couple years ago, we regained the pressing rights to our demo recording from Eulogy Recordings, who had maintained exclusive pressing rights for 7 years, beginning when we signed with them back in 2005. I saw this as an opportunity to put money back into the band instead of another label's pockets.

I've always wanted to start a record label, and this was the little "push" I needed to get me going. 2014 marks the 10 year anniversary of our demo's release and our band's career. As a vinyl enthusiast, I thought it only natural to make some really cool vinyl for the occasion, and try my best to get it out in time for Record Store Day 2014. In order to do this, there are some very strict deadlines I must meet (pressing vinyl takes a long time!), which is why this Kickstarter project is only about 2 weeks long.

The only problem is, even by maxing out all of my credit cards, I still need help to pay for everything up front. Your pledges will not only help fund this release, but they will help the band out, as I am putting all proceeds from this first release back into Set Your Goals. This is a chance for you to be a part of our label's first release, support the band, and have a very special and unique piece of vinyl to show for it.