Well, here we are. we’d like to welcome our new singer Laurel Zarcilla to Smalls. after a couple of months of planing we were finally able to get together once tour came to an end. Gus came in contact with her through her YouTube channel where she had a pretty good following. She’s had been doing a ton of Acoustic Solo stuff before this for a while. she’s also had done a small guest vocal part on the new This Wild Life album ‘Clouded’ on the track ‘Better With You’.

Our next show will be a co-headline show with our best friends in Such A Mess in Los Angeles September 26th at Amplyfi (all ages). Until then we’d like to show you the progress of the band by releasing a live video from our rehearsal studio once a week (lockout sessions). along with other videos we’ve been wanting to do for a while now. including cooking shows, pranks, talk show skits, a day in the life of Russell, Behind The Music featuring Brittney and The Smalls etc.

Thank you to everyone for your support on everything we do. we started this band with zero expectations of it going anywhere and you guys have showed us so much love. thank you. we’re stoked on the future of this band and we cant wait to get back in the studio.