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Monday, November 17, 2014

Review: Six Time Champion - "Expecting Honesty" EP

Release InfoSix Time Champion - Expecting Honesty EP
Release Date: December 1st, 2014
Record Label: Self-released
Pre-order: Digital

If you’re the kind of person who loves to discover bands before they become popular, you’ve only got a few weeks before Six Time Champion explodes in the pop punk scene. Reason being is their upcoming EP release, Expecting Honesty, set to drop on December 1st, is one of the most entertaining and impressive releases I’ve heard from a local band in some time. The record is filled with high points and a myriad of influences which make themselves known in slight bursts throughout different songs.

Six Time Champion is the metaphorical melting pot of pop punk. They can be as fast and technical as Such Gold, or break into a breakdown á la early 00s New Found Glory. Many of their riffs would be at home on a Swellers or Story So Far record, and some of the climaxes of their songs could rival songs on Polar Bear Club’s Clash Battle Guilt Pride. I guess it’s fair to say I’m impressed.

The swell of a distorted guitars greets you, but only for a second until you’re thrown head first into the first song of the record: the very aggressive “Running Dry.” This anthem about positivity and things not being as bad as they seem if you just slow down and take it all in. “Running Dry” is the kind of pop punk anthem that could find itself thematically on most of the pop punk records in recent years, but it certainly stands out from the rest of the crowd. It’s certainly due in part to James’ vocals being engaging and the song’s tempo driving you at the perfect pace. This is the heaviest song on the record, yet it’s not angry or urgent or chaotic. It’s a song about positivity that actually feels positive.

“Happiness In Emptiness” is next and features one of the purest, uplifting pop-punk sounding riffs over rhythm guitar. This song is all about the catchy sing-along chorus and is another example of how a good drummer can take a simple song, but craft rhythms that compliment the melodic instruments and drive the song forward, while also bridging the gaps between sections with interesting fills or beats to keep the flow of the song spot on.

The title track “Expecting Honesty” is about exactly what the title says, which is reiterated in the gang vocals early in the song: “All that we ever expected was honesty.” This song is very aggressively pointing out all the pointless lying that happens in life and how purposeless it is. The music accurately portrays the emotions voiced in the track. The track which, by the way, makes a massive change midway through and becomes an epic that’s feels almost nostalgic like the end of a great movie. It also features perfect drum fills and several meaningful uses of the word “fuck,” which many bands will use just because because they feel it’s a powerful word rather than using it to accentuate an already powerful lyric.

“Dragging My Feet” is the shortest song on the record clocking in at a solid four minutes, which exemplifies how each song pop punk songs can still be lengthy and keep your interest. Unfortunately, “Dragging My Feet” is the weakest song on the record. Aside from the outro, this song seems to blend into the background of the EP. The song is by no means a bad song, but it just doesn’t feel as if it’s on the same level as the other four tracks on the EP. The last of those four being “Separation,” featuring a culmination of everything you’ve heard until this point on the record. There are guitar riffs on guitar riffs, and they are superb guitar riffs. Vocally, we’re treated to catchy and easily sung choruses and verses. The New Found Glory style of breakdowns is prominent on this tune, but is pulled off with great success.

Expecting Honesty has already carved out a permanent spot on my very cramped iPod as it should do to yours. It’s rare that we have such a stellar release from a relatively unknown band. Six Time Champion is a band that has all the ingredients to become a force in the scene. For a group of talented musicians with something to say and a killer release of songs, they’re only a little luck away from blowing up. Snag this EP this December. Play it. Sing along. Love it.

1. Running Dry
2. Happiness in Emptiness
3. Expecting Honesty
4. Dragging My Feet
5. Separation

RIYL: New Found Glory, The Swellers, Four Year Strong


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