We are currently taking submissions for a lead vocalist. We support Mike's decision to pursue grad school. While we're sad to see him go, we are still writing in the studio every day for this new album and see this as an exciting opportunity to expand our sound.

• 18+
• Live within USA or Canada
• Prior performance and studio vocal experience
• Open schedule
• Must be able to tour for months at a time
• Any issues such as location, finances, etc. can be addressed later

This will be your life. We are a very busy and committed band and we take what we do very seriously and to heart. We are looking for a dynamic singer who is committed and loves performing music just as much as we do.

Door is wide open for anyone interested –
• You may choose any song to sing. We’d prefer it be a video, but an mp3 is acceptable
• Shoot the video of you singing to counttofournj@gmail.com
• You may submit a YouTube link or email video directly
• Make it your own! We want to hear what you can do!
• Include in the email any other prior experience (mp3s, bio etc).

We look forward to hearing from you guys, thank you!