What's up, guys? We're Knockout Kid, a heavy pop punk band from Chicago, IL. Since forming four years ago, we've released two EPs, a full length album, and have toured the United States and Canada multiple times.

Now its time for us to record our second LP and get it out to you guys. We've got enough material for a double album but no money to record it. We have collectively put all of our cash into this band for the past four years and simply don't have the funds to track this record. We've exhausted every other outlet.

We will be returning to Zoinga Studios in Royal Oak, MI with our longtime producer Mick Maslowski (who produced "Your Name All Over It," "The Callback EP" and "It Comes With the Job Description"). Zoinga is not just the definition of our sound, but offers professional quality recordings for more-than-competitive prices. Recording is slated for the beginning of 2015 and the record will be completed before summer. All who donate, regardless of amount, will receive an advanced download of the new record before it is officially released.

Honestly, it feels like a debut album all over again with the quality of these new tracks and the level of excitement we have for them. Everything we do as a band has been completely amped up - the riffs, the catchy choruses, the heaviness, the lyrical quality and the overall intensity. We wrote so many songs for the record that all filler is gone.

For $10, you will receive an advanced download of the first single off the record called "Going, Going, Gone." For $20, you will get another two new songs ("Stay Lit" and our heaviest song to date, "Handbook for the Recently Deceased"). Those three tracks demonstrate exactly what we are talking about and we cannot wait for you guys to hear them.

Transparency: $4000 of the funds here would go towards tracking the new album (which will be 14 songs - we will ABSOLUTELY do more if we raise more than our goal). Any money above 4k will fix Adam LeVan (that's our "trusty" tour vehicle). 4 of the 8 cylinders are no longer firing and it is in desperate need of a new engine. We are not positive we will be able to tour with it any longer and seriously hope we make it home from this tour.

So that's where we are now. Tons of new material, a vision for the best record we've ever written, but no funds to create it. We honestly don't have a clue how much we can raise here or if $4,000 is too high a goal. But its the bare minimum we need to make a new record and continue to tour. With that money, though, we will make the best record of our career and will play more shows in 2015 than we have in any other year. We promise you that.

Thanks guys. Here goes.

Love, Knockout Kid