Exclusive: Life On The Sideline EP announcement, music video premiere

Since releasing Honesty Is A Dying Breed two years ago, Life On The Sideline has remained active on the road and is now ready to unveil its upcoming EP, Never Settle. To kick things off, we're premiering the music video for the band's new single, "Echo", which tells the sad story of a young girl reminiscing times spent with her deceased partner. While not a pop punk song per se, it's as catchy as one with an infectious chorus that you'll inevitably get stuck in your head. The band's sound could be compared to that of Transit's and The Early November's. Fans can pre-order the EP on iTunes and CD here, before it's released on June 7th. […]

Friday, March 20, 2015

Review: A Will Away - "Bliss" EP

Release Info A Will Away - Bliss EP
Release Date: March 20th, 2015
Record Label: Quiet Fire Media
Pre-order: N/A

Bliss is being in the state of perfect happiness, and the new EP Bliss from A Will Away gives a feeling of being content knowing nothing really matters. The record is all about finding comfort in this feeling and it’s not subtle about it. From displaying “Finding comfort in the pointlessness of life” on its cover to the repetition of lyrics “It doesn’t matter. It never mattered” through the songs final tune, the album slings this theme around with the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

Even if the record was a pristine white cover with no lyrics whatsoever, the message would still come through. The instrumentals are mesmerizingly comforting and as laid back as they need to be to give off that serene understanding. Each song swells and retreats harmoniously helping to truly accent some of the more thoughtful lyrics in the album. The vocals echo this as they change from calm and sweet to sandpaper rough seamlessly.

While the atmosphere the record provides is superb in itself, it’s not the only selling point for this short EP. The melodies are catchy and easily sung along to. Most of the songs contain beautiful harmonies and dreamlike interweaving guitar parts that shouldn’t but somehow work which are only further accented by some beautifully chosen chord changes and crafted percussion. Each song has the potential for one of those moments that you want to rewind and listen to immediately again.

The EP is still flawed; the vocal line at the beginning of “Ten Or Eleven” only exists to remind me of the beginning of The Lion King, taking me out of the feeling of the record entirely. Parts of the record straddle that line of good and bad cheesiness. The short length of the album also works in it’s favor as I found myself starting to get weary of the atmosphere the record provides right around where the record decided to end. Even still, all of this is easily forgotten and left aside because of how great of a feeling the music provides. A Will Away really did a great job withBliss and I cannot recommend taking a listen enough.

1. Play Dead
2. My Sitter
3. Cheap Wine
4. Ten Or Eleven
5. Be Easy

RIYL: Misser, Transit


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