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Since releasing Honesty Is A Dying Breed two years ago, Life On The Sideline has remained active on the road and is now ready to unveil its upcoming EP, Never Settle. To kick things off, we're premiering the music video for the band's new single, "Echo", which tells the sad story of a young girl reminiscing times spent with her deceased partner. While not a pop punk song per se, it's as catchy as one with an infectious chorus that you'll inevitably get stuck in your head. The band's sound could be compared to that of Transit's and The Early November's. Fans can pre-order the EP on iTunes and CD here, before it's released on June 7th. […]

Friday, June 19, 2015

Review: Sleep On It - "Safe Again" EP

Release Info Sleep On It - Safe Again EP
Release Date: June 19th, 2015
Record Label: Unsigned
Buy: Digital

Listening to Sleep On It’s new EP, Safe Again, gives the same feelings of when I first heard similar Chicago area bands Real Friends and Knuckle Puck’s EPs. And like those bands, Sleep On It is on the right track to become the next alternative/pop-punk band to explode on the scene. The band definitely subscribes to The Starting Line school of writing music, as frequently little melodies, harmonies, guitar work, and rhythm guitar work triggers memories of early 00s Drive-Thru Records bands.

“Glass Bones” kicks off the EP is a great opening track that gives a nice broad overview of what Sleep On It is about: catchy choruses, singable/relatable lyrics, nostalgic chord progressions, and huge guitar riffs. The song is energetic in all the right ways, from the opening, strong vocal lead in, to the closing riffs. Whereas “Glass Bones” is energetic and optimistic, the next tune “Dwell” falls to the other side of the spectrum. Being a heavier, almost dragging it’s feet kind of song, it provides an immediate contrast early in the record, keeping the interest and unpredictability of the record high. An excellent, snare-driven bridge highlights this tune and quite likely saves the track from delving into the all too common repetitive drudging feeling.

“Bright” is the closest the EP gets to having a single as this song has the catchiest, most singable chorus of the bunch and the riffs are distinct and immediately recognizable as belonging solely to this song. “Talk Slow” follows and feels like the missing link that connects the first two songs to belonging to Sleep On It as it feels like a mix of everything showcased throughout the first two songs on the EP. “Out of Touch” is a nice change of pace in terms of rhythm and shows off some of the heavier qualities of Sleep On It’s music. However, most of the song is really just a lead in to the last track of the EP, “Memorial Day," which is the slow, cigarette lighter sing-along crowd pleaser that builds into a lovely, warm wall of distortion that wraps around you as if it’s actually the embrace the lyrics are mentioning.

Safe Again is a very solid EP. It shows how much range and diversity Sleep On It is capable of bringing. While sometimes the lyrics aren’t quite there or when the melodies and songs don’t provide something we haven’t heard before, there’s still a wealth of enjoyment and nostalgia here. Most importantly, Safe Again is a step up from Sleep On It’s previous release Everything All At Once in almost every possible way proving that Sleep On It is growing as a band and only getting better with every song they write. Keep an eye out for Sleep On It and try to catch their sets at Riot Fest Chicago and Denver or on tour with Real Talk later this summer.

1. Glass Bones
2. Dwell
3. Bright
4. Talk Slow
5. Out of Touch
6. Memorial Day

RIYL: Nostalgic/bittersweet alternative/pop punk with hooks, The Starting Line, Real Friends


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