Stranger is about my long and still ongoing battle with severe anxiety and how it affects my day to day life, as well as how I cope with it. The feeling of being solitary even when surrounded by loved ones, friends, anyone who cares about me. I deal with it in several ways, some of which positive, some of which negative. The point however is that I am actively trying to better myself, day by day, step by step. The first step however, is tearing down your personal walls and talking about it. There will always be someone more than ready to hear your words and make it very clear that you matter in this world. Hell, if you enjoy this band and we cross paths at a show, if you feel you need someone to open up to I would be more than happy to sit down and listen. We can open up to each other. Always remember that someone cares about you, no matter how hard it may be to accept right now.

- Loeden.