Exclusive: Guts - "House Of Cards" Single Stream

Following a brief break, Guts recently announced the release of its second EP, titled Matches Malone, on Don't Leave California Records. To celebrate the occasion, we're premiering a new single called "House Of Cards", where the band continues to output material influenced by '90s seminal pop punk acts, to the tune of MxPx, with a modern spin. If you enjoy what you […]

Exclusive: Mariner - "Fight Or Flight" Single Stream

In case you missed our previous coverage, Mariner is a brand new Californian pop punk band, which formed earlier this year. Following the release of a solid demo EP, we're premiering the band's new single, titled "Fight Or Flight". Make sure to catch them on tour with Give And Take and Safe To Say, and listen to the single below if you enjoy Neck Deep or Knuckle Puck.

Exclusive: Thieves - "Colorchange" Studio Video

We've been friends with Thieves for almost as long as this website has existed, and it's been a privilege to watch the band evolve and work on each release. The band's latest, Colorchange, is a step forward from the previous ambitious release, Achiever. I have a hard time finding similar bands to compare Thieves to, but take that as an incentive to check them out […]

Exclusive: Smalls - "We're Taking It Back" Single Stream, Interview

Right off the bat, Smalls has been making waves across the country's local music scenes, ever since the release of last year's debut release, Expecting The Worst. The band has continued to gain momentum, being picked up by veteran label Negative Progression Records to release a new EP, The Same Mistakes. Today, we're presenting a new single, titled "We're Taking […]

Exclusive: Short Stories - "Here's To Hoping" Music Video

Short Stories is a promising up-and-coming quintet from San Diego that has the potential to join the ranks of the underground scene's established acts, akin to Major League or Knuckle Puck. Mixing gritty, heartfelt vocals with an emo-tinged personality on a solid pop punk foundation, the band's debut EP, When Love Is Lost, shouldn't go unheard. Today, we're excited to […]


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