Exclusive: Life On The Sideline - "Honesty Is A Dying Breed" Single Stream

Hailing from Granby, CT, Life On The Sideline is a pop punk band at heart, but not strictly. Gathering influences from across the board, the band's new dynamic sound is comparable to Misser and The Early November. Below, you'll find the upcoming album's title track, "Honesty Is A Dying Breed", which comes out next Tuesday on Take This To Heart Records. Digital and […]

Exclusive: Such A Mess - "Good Intentions" Single Stream

Southern California's Such A Mess has been a band for almost five years and, even though they haven't been overly active lately, they're back with an exciting release, titled Good Intentions Giving Way. The 9-song album, which was recorded with producers Johnny Liu (Stanley And The Search) and Kyle Black (Comeback Kid, Shai Hulud), will be out on April 29th […]

MTS Collective Presents: North American Sweethearts Tour

We're excited to announce that, next month, our friends in Knockout Kid and Rydell will be playing shows along Canada's eastern seaboard, with Harbour and Banner Year on select dates. Knockout Kid will then continue onto northeastern US, wrapping up in Detroit, MI.

Exclusive: Meridian - "Reformation" EP Download

The modern melodic hardcore scene is consistently flourishing, and every now and then we're exposed to bands that immediately stand out for offering something fresh, yet familiar. Poughkeepsie, NY's Meridian is a prime example, and being recently picked up by Victory Records serves as further evidence. The band is currently writing its new full-length record, […]

Exclusive: Lawskof - "Ohio City Is Killing Me" Music Video

In case you've missed our previous coverage of Lawskof, this should catch your eye (and ears). Sonically, this melodic punk quintet brings '90s punk bands (think Lagwagon and Propaghandi) to mind, with a modern twist. Today, we're premiering the music video for a brand-new single, titled "Ohio City Is Killing Me", which is also up for download on Bandcamp. The band […]

Exclusive: Give And Take Music Video Premiere, Signing Announcement

Give And Take is a growing pop punk band that blends hardcore and emo elements and has the potential to reach the heights of other current acts. Today, we're premiering the quartet's new music video for "No Place Left To Stay", which will appear on the sophomore EP, Noteworthy (whose title also serves as a fitting description), on February 11th via […]

Exclusive: Grandview Upcoming Album Details, "In Good Company" Single Stream

Massachusetts isn't particularly known for its indie/emo scene, but Grandview has the potential to change that. The band's debut full-length, titled Everything Between Paint And A Wall, will be released on December 17th, and it'll quickly appeal to avid listeners of other current emo revival artists, such as Citizen. Today, we're premiering the first single, "In Good Company".

Exclusive: CTF - "You Got Your Woody Allen In My Gerard Butler" Video Commentary

Back in April, Count To Four released its debut full-length, Between Two Cities, and today we're shining the spotlight on the band again with a video commentary for "You Got Your Woody Allen In My Gerard Butler". The band is in the process of posting a new video for each song on the album, so keep an eye out for the rest.

Exclusive: Daisyhead - "Sun" Single Stream

Daisyhead, a new emo rock band from Nashville, has been receiving some well-deserved attention as of late. The four-piece has already dropped two outstanding singles, and today we're premiering the third, titled "Sun". The EP's sound, akin to Balance And Composure and Daylight, is sure to please fans that look for something more. Don't forget to pre-order the 7" here […]

Exclusive: Video Interview with Jeremy Bolm of Touché Amoré

LA post-hardcore quintet Touché Amoré's third LP, Is Survived By, is a magnificent album of the year contender and a standout in the band's discography and across the scene. To support the release, the band recently kicked off their tour with AFI in Minneapolis, MN, where we caught up with frontman Jeremy Bolm and talked about his perspective on the band, his […]


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A Loss For Words - Before It Caves (2013)
A Week Away - Adversities EP (2013)
Above The Underground - Autumns EP (2012)
Above The Underground - Sonder (2014)
Ahnest! - A Year Spent In Parking Lots EP (2014)
All Hands On Deck - It's All We Want EP (2011)
American Verse - Heaven's In Your Head EP (2012)
Anchors - Lost At The Bottom Of The World (2012)
Anchorless - Lessons Learned, Bridges Burned EP (2012)
Apart From This - In Gloom (2013)
Archimedes, Watch Out! - In Context (2012)
Arms Length Away - Because You're The One I'll Cary With Me (2012)
Arrows Over Athens - Myths, Monsters, And The Maker EP (2013)
As It Is - This Mind Of Mine EP (2014)
Audiostrobelight - What You're Running From EP (2013)

Basement - Colourmeinkindness (2012)
Believe You Me - Up From Here EP (2012)
Bellwether - …But I Have To EP (2013)
Bombay - Writer's Block EP (2011)
Boys No Good - Never Felt Better (2011)

Candy Hearts - The Best Ways To Disappear EP (2012)
Call It Fiction - Something I've Never Felt Before EP (2011)
Chase This City - Everything I Never Told You EP (2013)
Citizen - Youth (2013)
Count To Four - Between Two Cities (2013)
Close Your Eyes - Line In The Sand (2013)
Counterparts - The Difference Between Hell And Home (2013)
Courtesy Drop - Songs To Drive To; Cry, And Make Love To (2013)
Cross Town Train - Short Stories (2013)

Daylight - Jar (2013)
Defeater - Letters Home (2013)
Diamond Youth - Orange EP (2013)
Diamond Youth - Shake EP (2014)
Drug Church - Paul Walker (2013)

Elder Brother - Heavy Head (2014)

Fairgrounds - Fairgrounds EP (2012)
Far From Proper - Rock Bottom EP (2012)
Forever Young - Out On A Limb (2012)
Fine Young Firecrackers - From The Ground Up EP (2011)
Fingers Crossed - Dedos Crusados (2013)
Firestarter - New Beginnings EP (2013)
Firestarter - Rooftop Acoustic Songs EP (2013)
For The Life Of Me - Closure EP (2013)
Four Minute Mile - Bridges/Streetlights EP (2013)
Foxfires - The Golden Age EP (2013)
Frameworks - Small Victories EP (2013)

Get A Life - One For The Books EP (2010)
Get A Life - Ten Thousand Leagues EP (2011)
Giants At Large - Doubt (2012)
Go Forth - Mindful (2013)

Half Hearted Hero - Whatever (2013)
Harbour - All My Exes Are Dead To Me EP (2013)
Head North - Arrows EP (2013)
Heart To Heart - Heart To Heart (2012)
Home Advantage - Cadet EP (2013)
Hometeam - I'm Not Sayin', I'm Just Sayin' EP (2011)
Hot Damn - Sleep Alone EP (2013)
Hundredth - Resist EP (2014)

I Call Fives - I Call Fives (2012)

Kill It With Fire! - We're Not Coming Back Your Way EP (2011)
KillScreen - Non-Fiction EP (2013)
Knockout Kid - It Comes With The Job Description (2013)

Last Call - Dog Years (2012)
Last One Standing - Stepping Stones EP (2011)
Late In The Playoffs - Everything I Know EP (2011)
Latin For Truth - Youth Crew Blues (2011)
Liferuiner - Future Revisionists (2013)
Light You Up - Broken Jaw EP (2012)
Light Years - I Won't Hold This Against You (2013)
Light Years - Just Between Us… EP (2012)
Living With Lions - Some Of My Friends Appear Dead To Me EP (2013)
Long Lost - Save Yourself, Start Again
Look Alive - Mistakes & Milestones EP (2013)

Major League - Hard Feelings (2012)
Maker - Maker EP (2012)
Man The Change - Defeated EP (2013)
Man Overboard - Heart Attack (2013)
Misser - Distancing EP (2013)
Misser - Every Day I Tell Myself I'm Going To Be A Better Person (2012)
Mixtapes - Ordinary Silence (2013)
Molly's Worst Enemy - You'll Never Walk Alone EP (2013)

Neck Deep - A History Of Bad Decisions EP (2013)
Neck Deep - Rain In July EP (2012)
Night Owls - Wounds Again EP (2013)
No Tide - Meridian EP (2013)

Of Fortune & Fame - Perspective EP (2012)
On My Honor - I Never Deserve The Things I Need (2013)
On My Honor - Nature & Nurture EP (2011)
Our Life Story - I'd Rather Change Than Stay The Same EP (2011)

Pentimento - Inside The Sea EP (2013)
Pentimento - Wrecked EP (2011)
Placeholder - Thought I Would Have Been Somebody By Now EP (2012)
Polar Bear Club - Death Chorus (2013)
Pull Strings - The Upside Of Going Blind EP (2012)

Random Holiday - Space To Grow (2013)
Real Friends - Everyone That Dragged You Here EP (2011)
Roam - Head Down EP (2013)
Rotting Out - The Wrong Way (2013)
Running On E - Late Nights And Long Drives EP (2013)
Rust Belt Lights - Religion & My Ex (2014)

Same As Sunday - Earn Your Stripes EP (2010)
Save Your Breath - There Used To Be A Place For Us (2013)
Seaway - Hoser (2013)
Second Time Around - Just Sayin' EP (2011)
Second To Last - Nobody Cares (2013)
Second To Last - Vessel EP (2011)
Senses Fail - Renacer (2013)
Shelbyville - Head Above Water EP (2010)
So Many Ways - Seer EP (2013)
So Many Ways - So Many Ways EP (2011)
Spectator - Go On EP (2012)
Stanley And The Search - Stanley And The Search (2012)
Stanley And The Search - Weight EP (2013)
State Champs - Overslept EP (2012)
Stay Golden - The Compass & The Vessel EP (2012)
Stickup Kid - Future Fire (2013
Stickup Kid - Nothing About Me EP (2012)
Still Rings True - Rebel Music EP (2013)
Still Rings True - Tear Down The Walls (2011)
Storm The Bay - Travel Songs EP (2012)
Such Gold - Misadventures (2012)
Suckerpunch - Are We Having Fun Yet? EP (2012)
Sunsets - Make It Happen EP (2013)

Tag Your Targets - Destinations (2013)
Take First Place - Childhood EP (2013)
The American Scene - Safe For Now (2012)
The Swellers - Running Out Of Places To Go EP (2012)
The Tired And True - Haunts EP (2011)
The Winter Passig - Scrapbook EP (2013)
The Mongoloids - Mongo Life (2013)
The Offseason - Pastimes EP (2013)
The Story So Far - What You Don't See (2013)
Thieves - Achiever (2012)
Thieves - Just Give It Up (2011)
Thing Big! - Changes EP (2011)
Three Cent Cinema - Ages (2012)
To The Wind - Empty Eyes (2013)
Transit - Listen & Forgive (2011)
Transit - Young New England (2013)
Trash The Dress - Empty Basements (2013)
Trophy Eyes - Everything Goes Away EP (2013)
Troubled Coast - Awake And Empty (2012)
Troubled Coast - Letters (2011)
Turnover - Magnolia (2013)

Undesirable People - Eugenics EP (2012)
Up And Atom - Growing Pains EP (2012)

VA - American Verse/The Tired And True - Split EP (2013)
VA - Averman/Stonewall - Split EP (2012)
VA - Boxer/Eyes Wide - Split EP (2013)
VA - Braid/Balance And Compsure - Split EP (2013)
VA - Coming Clean/Thieves - Split EP (2013)
VA - Firestarter/Old Again - Split EP (2013)
VA - Fairgrounds/The Dirty Looks - Split EP (2013)
VA - Glamour Kills Tour Split (2012)
VA - Guts/Anchorless - Split EP (2013)
VA - Indian Taker/Shortcuts - Split EP (2013)
VA - Knockout Kid/Traditions/No Tide/Four And Goal - Split (2013)
VA - Pierre/Molly's Worst Enemy - Split EP (2014)
VA - Seaway/Safe To Say - Split EP (2012)
VA - Second To Last/Starters - Changing Tides Split EP (2013)
VA - Tag Your Targets/Hot Damn - Split EP (2011)
VA - The Story So Far/Stick To Your Guns - Split (2013)
VA - The Traditional/Of Fortune & Fame - Split EP (2013)
Values - The Person I Chose To Be EP (2013)
Vanna - The Few And The Far Between (2013)

We Are The Union - You Can't Hide The Sun (2012)
We Stand Victorious - Forever Down But Never Out EP (2011)
We Still Dream - Therapy EP (2012)
What Say You - Potentials EP (2013)
With The Punches - Seams & Stitches (2012)
Wolves At Bay - I Was The Devil Once EP (2013)

Yes Virginia - After Your Own Heart EP (2013)
Young Turks - Where I Rise EP (2013)
Your Demise - Cold Chillin' EP (2013)