Exclusive: Lawskof - "Suck It Forever" EP Preview

Most current pop punk bands are pretty light on the punk, and then there's Lawskof. Sporting a sound that's reminiscent of Rufio and A Wilhelm Scream, the band continues to venture into a niche that's noticeably underpopulated right now, with its upcoming EP, Suck It Forever. Today, we're giving you a taste of what's to come with two brand new singles, "Victory […]

Exclusive: Threads - "Fall Apart" Single Stream

Within its fundamental confines, today's melodic hardcore is considerably diverse. Some of the more-traditional styles bring to mind Defeater or Touché Amoré, while others are associated with contemporaries such as Hundredth or Stick To Your Guns -- but Threads manages to fall somewhere in between. A year after its debut EP, the band has signed with Broken Rim […]

Exclusive: Shirts Vs. Skins - "Phantoms" Single Stream

On the heels of releasing its debut LP, Hold Nothing Dear, just over a year ago, Shirts Vs. Skins is already preparing to drop its new 12-song album, titled The Things We Leave Behind, on November 11th. To celebrate the occasion, we're premiering the band's new single, "Phantoms".

Exclusive: The Offseason - "I'll Never Leave" Music Video Premiere

We've got a special Halloween treat for our readers in the form of The Offseason's music video for a new single called "I'll Never Leave". Directed by Erik Rojas and Matt Ciampa, the video sees its protagonist being literally haunted by a Jack Skellington look-alike that… never leaves. Earlier this month, along with the release of the first new single since May […]

Interview: Veara on member changes, touring, and next album

If you're in tune with Veara on its social media pages, you would've noticed that the band is back at full speed with big plans for the future, having already started working on its third album. Following the release of its sophomore LP, Growing Up Is Killing Me, on Epitaph Records and some brief downtime, Veara is undergoing a revamp of sorts. The band's lead vocalist […]


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